Naturally Inspired Gardens

Garden design inspired by nature

Garden design process

Concept Sketch Concept Sketch Overhead Plan Border Planting Plan Construction Drawing

Garden Design Process

Although no two projects are alike, the following process is typical in most design works:

  1. Brief
    Initial meeting with a client to discover the needs and wants of the client, along with an understanding of the proposed site.
  2. Survey
    A detailed survey of the site is undertaken, which will form the basis of the design work. This will include a full topographical survey and also a site analysis to understand the site specific factors that will determine how the garden will be designed, such as climate, soil type and site orientation.
  3. Concept plans
    From the brief and survey we produce conceptual plans for discussion with the client and for further development. These take the form of high level plans and sketches along with an illustrated report to allow clients to understand how their new garden will look and feel.
  4. Detailed plans
    Once the conceptual plans are agreed detailed scale plans will be drawn up that will allow the garden to be built.
  5. Tender
    The detailed plans will form the basis of the tender work. We can help and advise with the selection of the contractor.
  6. Construction
    During the construction work we can inspect and project manage the work, or we can work in a more advisory capacity.
  7. Post implementation
    Once the garden is built we are available on an advisory basis to help as the garden grows and matures.